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Who we are

Galen’s Way is a dedicated team working to produce exceptional herbal products. Our daily routine offers us the opportunity of right livelihood in our community. Producing high-quality herbal products is the purpose of our business.

We recognize the intricate coupling of individual health to global environmental health, and create impeccable whole-plant products with responsibly obtained botanicals.

Producing our products with integrity is a core value. Quality, safety and environmental impact are considered in all aspects of our operations. We seek to minimize impact on our planet. We are a green business certified company still looking for ways to improve.

Our primary commitment is to the practitioner and clinic. Our single focus is to provide the highest quality liquid herbal extracts that are reliably safe, potent, and full of life. We want our practitioners to know they can rely on us to deliver safe and effective extracts that serve them well in their practice.


Who is Galen? Considered to be one of the most accomplished of all medical writers of antiquity, Claudius Galenus or Galen of Pergamon influenced the development of various scientific disciplines, including anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, and neurology, as well as philosophy and logic. Galen saw himself as both a physician and a philosopher. His views influenced Western medical science for more than 1,300 years. His work was so influential that herbal medicine preparations came to be known as “galenicals”, a term commonly used until the early 20th century.

Galen’s Way was founded in 1999 by Matthew Persico, The business began in a yurt during his education at the California School of Herbal Studies. Originally, Matthew intended to develop extracts solely for his own practice. Within a few years requests from other practitioners grew. In response to those requests, the production of extracts became the focus of his work.

Matthew has amassed over 25 years’ experience producing herbal extracts, running production for other botanical facilities, and creating the herbal dispensary at Tai Sophia Institute, now the Maryland University of Integrative Health. These experiences have instilled Matthew with a broad understanding and deep respect for herbal extracts, their potential, and the process involved in delivering plant-based extracts to practitioners.