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How can I purchase your products?

Our skincare and infused oil are available to the public for purchase. Our extracts, compounds and glycerites are available directly to practitioners at wholesale cost. If you would like to purchase our products as a practitioner, please fill out the Practitioner Application.

How can I purchase your products if I’m not a practitioner?

The best way to purchase our extracts, compounds and glycerites is through a practitioner or clinic that carries our products. Please review our Stockist list to find a business that carries Galen’s Way products.

What is the minimum order for free shipping?

We offer free ground shipping on all orders over $400 for extracts.

What size bottles are your extracts sold in?

Our products are sold in 4, 8, 16 and 32 ounce bottles.

What are your extracts used for?

We are a manufacturer and are not able to make a claim regarding a product’s effectiveness. Please refer to a practitioner to make such recommendations.

Where do you source your herbs?

Our herbs are sourced from a variety of small and large house herb vendors as well as direct from growers around the country.

How do I know how much herb is in an extract?

All of our bottles display a ratio in the ingredient panel that reflects how much herb is contained in a unit of liquid. Our typical ratios of 1:3 mean there is 1 gram of herb represented in 3 ml of liquid.

Are your products organic?

We source organic ingredients whenever possible. Our alcohol is always organic and over 75% of our herbs are organic. Any product listed as organic on the label has been certified by CCOF.

Are your extracts gluten free?

The alcohol we use in our extracts is made from sugar cane and is gluten free. Our prepared Rehmannia we make is processed with barley wine and does contain gluten.

Why do you primarily use dry herbs?

Our idea process would be to receive freshly harvested herbs, dry them and immediately prepare our extracts. Whenever we can this is our method. Preparing our extracts with dry material allows for more a more concentrated extract and therefor more constituents be present in solution.

Can you ship your products directly to my client?

We can accommodate drop shipping. Please let us know if you’d like your customer to only receive a packing list.

Can you ship your products internationally?

Unfortunately we are not able to ship our dietary supplements internationally.

How long does it take to process and ship my order?

All of our extracts are hand-poured to order. We aim to get orders shipped out within 2 business days of receiving them.

What happens when your product is out of stock?

Sometimes we run out of an extract before the next batch is ready for sale, atother times we have challenges sourcing certain herbs. When a product is out of stock, we will mark it as such on the website and a Notify Me button is available to let customers know when a product is restocked. Occasionally some herbs go out of stock until the following seasons harvest.